The love for Underground Electronic Music is flowing in our (formerly room Blunderdome

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We encourage actively flowing and selecting songs try to keep a vibe going either in pace, subgenre or some other connection to the previous song. This makes for the best listening experience and it’s also one of the main reasons I started this room and why people stick around. While we strongly discourage staying on deck while AFK we’re not too strict what constitutes flow and you'll get a feel when you're in the room. If you don’t intend to be somewhat active, then please don’t stay on deck too long.

Look at to our room's recent play history.

What to play: Subgenre ideas

Electronica like Jungle, Breakbeat, Old/Nuskool Rave, DnB, Electro, Broken Beat, IDM, Techno, Breaks, Deep & Classic UK Dubstep, Footwork, UKGarage, House, Neuro, Halftime, Acid Techno, Dub Techno, Deep/Hypnotic Techno, Trip-Hop, Steppa Dub, 70s/80s Dub, Electroacoustic, Modern Classical, Dark Ambient, Abstract/Leftfield/Experimental are among the most common subgenres played, but hop in, get a feel and go with the flow!

What not to play

We ban everything of popular EDM and Pop or Country because this is an Underground Electronic enthusiast room, so please don’t play mainstreams Trance, Big Room, Electro House and don't be disappointed if you get skipped for playing off theme and off vibe/flow. Extreme genres like Hardtek, Speedcore or Hard Trance in moderation and while maintaining a flow please. And don’t just pop in to promote your own music shamelessly. Unless its dope af and on theme! ;)

Theme Days

Mix Mondays: play a mix or two, be it your own or someone else’s. Dope mixes, yo!

Blunder Mix Event: Once a month we meet to play homemade mixes together!

Blunder Mix Event

Our Blunder Mix events, which happen like once every four weeks on a friday are there to share and celebrate homemade mix creations with each other! We gather sometimes before 6PM UTC. With the trigger !event or !mixevent our bot shows you the next event’s infos and date.

Play your own homemade mix/set/tape with us. We play the mixes people made especially for the event first, then we run out of those we continue with older mixes of previous events or your older creations that crave to be heard! Be sure to have your mixes uploaded (soundcloud or youtube, the choice is yours, audio quality tends to be better on youtube if you upload in 1080p) an est. 6-12 hrs before, because has problems with playback of new uploads sometimes!

Next Dates

Our Bot (DJ Stabs)

We have a bot with a queue system and some commands/triggers: /props or /p give a props shout to the current @dj /addme or q+ adds you to the wait queue for the deck /queue or q lists the wait queue !dance / !rave triggers a dance or rave gif !dope / !dank / !sick / !ill / !love / !funky / !groovy / !nice / !choon / /love express yourself with some triggers !trigger lst lists a bunch of the newest triggers, double the list in PM to bot !mixevent learn dates/infos about the upcoming mix event !triggerlist A list with all triggers in a spreadsheet, sorted by frequency of use

There are many more triggers, these are jus a few examples. You will learn them by being in the room.

Various Links

Blunderdome mix Archive on soundcloud